Jerry Dubins
Fanfare Magazine

The playing by these two musicians is astonishingly good.
Tim Smith
The Baltimore Sun

Partnered with equal ease and nuance by pianist Luis Magalhães, Adkins captures the lyrical sweep of Mendelssohn’s F major Sonata from 1838.
James Harrington
American Record Guide

Her repeats are gracefully and effectively ornamented, as is historically appropriate.
Jed Distler

In all, a masterful, heartfelt, and simply beautiful performance.
Jerry Dubins
Fanfare Magazine

Lori Sims’s Goldberg Variations is a must-hear for anyone who is passionate about this music.
James Harrington
American Record Guide, Mar 2016

Schumann and Magalhaes are one of the premiere piano duo teams today, not only because of their fantastic piano skills, but for their adventuresome and varied repertoire.
Alex Baran
The Wholenote

The work’s relentless drive to its finish seems no challenge at all to this very gifted pair.
Donald Rosenberg
Gramophone Magazine

The repertoire encompasses a range of styles, which these musicians seize by the throat and heart to give richly detailed, dynamic performances.
James A. Altena
Fanfare, March 2016

These are absolutely phenomenal performances and recordings, in the jaw-dropping, mind-blowing category of stratospheric excellence.
Elliot Fisch
American Record Guide, January 2016

Magalhaes plays the raucous and extremely difficult opening passages easily, with excellent tone and expressiveness. …the playing is excellent.
David Gutman
Gramophone Magazine, November 2015
The results are unfailingly musical, more than adequately spacious and even weepy in the heartfelt ‘Lied’.
Raymond Tuttle
Fanfare, January 2016

…the overall impression is one of quiet intensity and the utmost precision. He’s like a nuclear scientist handling fuel rods.
Isabel Fedrizzi
PianoNews, November 2015

Seine Sonaten oszillieren zwischen autoritär-selbstbewüsster Spielart und melankolischem Stillstand bei seiner gewohnt stupenden Technik. Ein Erlebnis.
Sang Woo Kang
American Record Guide, November 2015

These are massive works, played with plenty of conviction.
Gramophone, Awards Edition 2015
Jed Distler
Beethoven introduces his Eroica Variations with the theme’s bare-boned architectural essence. Konstantin Scherbakov, however, can’t help but embellish the foundation with a breath pause here and an italicisation there, signifying entertainment up ahead.
American Record Guide
Christopher Foss

James Austin Smith shows great versatility and creative programming.
Jed Distler

When Pompa-Baldi operates at his untrammeled peak, the piano world lights up.
Bryce Morrison

Liszt could hardly have received a more sumptuous or ingenious tribute than that offered by Antonio Pompa-Baldi.
Blair Sanderson
(...)It is a thoroughly researched and exquisitely produced package, with subtle and highly expressive singing(...)
James Harrington
American Record Guide

Magalhaes and Schumann are an exceptional team. Theirs is an enlightening performance that will remain on my listening stack for years to come.
Jed Distler
Schumann/Magalhães duo’s high standards and captivating artistry.
Jed Distler
(...)confident and sweeping Rachmaninov Preludes
The Strad, Mar 2014
Benjamin Schmid and Ariane Haering are a formidable pairing who live and breathe these scores as one
Bruce Surtees
Benjamin Schmid and pianist Ariane Haering are in superb form on the CD Romantic Duos.